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  • Title: Along the Ghost Light Path
  • Number of players: 1-6
  • Time to play: 2-4 hours per session

Along the Ghost Light Path

No one is left who remembers when the Mire came and the world outside became so dangerous. It's just a facet of life now since the fall of the kingdom of Lusanc and the dawn of the Third Interstice.

You are tired of the same thing you've known for your whole life. This town and the people in it will always hold a place in your heart, but you need to move on. To where exactly? Somewhere outside the light that holds back the Mire. If you can make it, that is...

Along the Ghost Light Path is an upcoming TTRPG about the trauma of moving on to new stages in your life and what that means for you and those around you. It is set in a fantasy world covered by a thick fog like Mire that changes reality and saps away at the resolve of the players to go on.

We are hoping that it will be entering the beta testing phase soon. If you are interested playtesting the game feel free to reachout to Chris.