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10-03-2023: Call for feedback on a new set of safety tools

We are currently working on a set of Neurodivergant Safety Tools for TTRPGs. It's currently in the Beta stage, but we would love some feedback on its current form.

You can read the current version here: Neurodivergent Safety Tools

And you can provide feedback here: Feedback Form

Thanks in advance for helping make these safety tools the best they can be.

08-24-2023: Physical copies of Soft Focuses are now available!

Thanks to the great people over at Indie Press Revolution, you can now pickup physical versions of Soft Focuses: Second Edition! The psyical book comes with a copy of the digital version, as well.

If you would like a physical version, you find them here.

08-10-2023: Hello to everyone from Taking Control!

Recently Chris was on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast to discuss Soft Focuses. You should definiatly check them out, they do amazing work!

If you're visiting the site after finding the podcast, welcome! You can find out more about Soft Focuses here: Soft Focuses: Second Edition

Feel free to look around at what we do here, or if you want to reachout to Chris for anything, you can find him here: Chris's Carrd

07-25-2023: Welcome to Lumberwood Studios

Welcome to the new site for Lumberwood Studios! We will be posting major updates on this page as they happen.