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  • Title: Totally Real Human Adults
  • Number of players: 2-8
  • Time to play: 1-3 hours per session
  • Where to get it: itch.io

Totally Real Human Adults


...but a miserable pile of animals.

You play as one in a stack of creatures in a trench coat. You must perform a variety of normal human tasks without being discovered. These can be going to the mall, participating in a dinner party, working in an office job, or a series of small vignettes throughout a day in the life of a human adult. Anything that a totally normal human adult would be seen doing during totally normal circumstances.

Work together (or against each other in teams) to be the most credible human you can be.

Published in Tiny Tome!

TRHA was included in Tiny Tome, a collection of 50 one page rpgs. You can find out more about the project here: Long Tail Games: Tiny Tome

There is also a design diary that was published on the Tiny tome Kickstarter page: TRHA Design Diary

An Actual Play of TRHA

An amazing group of people played a session of the game on stream! Watch it below or click here.

Pick up Totally Real Human Adults on itch.io